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The Clockwork

Metalwork 1

Wind tunnel

Testplant 1

Metalwork 2

Testplant 2

Testplant 3

Testplant 4

Testplant 5

Test run


Project starts. 3 horses with very friendly and skilled horse drivers of the TGNOZ together with about 40 volunteers from Switzerland and Germany set off to the rock gateway after turbulent preparations. Because of problematic balance the brave Freiberger-horses are not able to carry the real huge parts, so that our human carriers have to work one’s fingers to the bone to haul up the the single parts of the clock upwards. Again we want to thank all of our helpers and supporters so much for your incredible engagement for the project!!!At the top Sibylle is waiting with some polenta meal for the exhausted participants. Now the installation of the clock-object can start.


Now it is time to place the 300 kg clock-object carefully and cautiously into the rock portal. Patrick and Matthias from the Pfeifer Company are very skilled specialists for this purpose. Using special-designed hanging constructions for the clock and the rock the object is pulled up and fixed by steel cables and pulley. the dynamical mounted special construction is able to keep the object well fixed even during extreme weather conditions. We made it!! After almost two years of planning and hard working during the past days our clock is hanging in this fantastic rock portal creating a really surrealistic aura.

Finalized installation

Approaching the object the hands’ movement are decelerating. are Standing right in front of the clock even the seconds hand stops moving at all. Time stands still!! Not later than removing oneself the seconds hand will start moving again. Now it is clear that a single person is able to have an influence on the clock object (or even on real time elapsed?) Who knows…

The flight of the kestrel…


End of project

After 5 weeks the installation UND ENDLICH- above the Julier Pass- ends . Numerous visitors had set out to pause their very personal time for a brief moment and to relax. In the last week, the clock became independent after a lightning strike and created its own time. For dismantling, we were able to welcome numerous volunteers from Switzerland and Germany in addition to the top team from the Pfeifer company. Many thanks for your great help and the great time we were able to spend with you !!!! It was a great honor for us that we were allowed to be guests at this magical place for a few weeks. May many more kestrels breed up there!