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The interactive installation UND ENDLICH is at work
Time dilatation near Swiss Pass dal Güglia

In delay because of breeding krestels it started on August 14th: a caravan of volunteers and technicians from Switzerland and Germany in company with three horses carried the necessary components from the pass up to the rock gate on 2650 m.The artist group GÆG (Thomas Huber and Wolfgang Aichner) and more professional helpers reassembled in the following days the clock object and hung it in the natural gateway below the Fuorcla digl Leget near the Pass dal Güglia. It was extensive and agitating, but it all worked out!

Since Thursday, 19th of August the clock is shown to public. Following a beautiful walk along a stream and a waterfall, through a high plateau with marmots, one enters the rocky area of the abyssal floor Thetys and continues to the gateway (marked side trip of the hiking trail). You will percept, what then happens to time …

Duration of installation: 19 August to 23 September 2021

Location: below Fuorcla digl Leget, Pass dal Güglia (Julier Pass) Graubünden, Switzerland

UND ENDLICH. An Installation near the Swiss Pass dal Güglia on the theme of dilatation of time

A project by GÆG (Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber), Curator: Sibylle Omlin

On 14 August 2021 the artist duo GÆG (Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber) installed a large clock near Fuorcla digl Leget, into a remote, romantic natural gateway not far from the Pass dal Güglia. Individuals who approach the clock experience something that would normally be impossible: they witness the deceleration and standstill of time

Approaching their projects with humor and cautious planning, the artist duo goes spares no effort and shows no fear in taking the long way. Founded in 2005 by the Munich-based artists Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber, GÆG (global aesthetic genetics) has developed a clock that stands still as soon as someone gets close to it for their project UND ENDLICH.

The collective GÆG is known for their spectacular but subtle art projects that unfold in the pristine landscape. One of their more memorable projects is passage2011 (2011) in which the artists pulled a red plastic boat, weighing some 150 kilograms, by hand over the main Alpine crest and brought it to the 54th Venice Biennale. In 2013 they undertook a powerwalk, in which they carried portable-sized wind generators across Vatnajökull in Iceland, Europe’s largest glacier. With linear 2017, GÆG hiked a rectangular route in the western USA while alternately carrying a silver ball-point pen on their backs, mapping imaginary geopolitical boundaries that cut across the states of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

In the summer of 2021 the artist duo realized an alpine art project near the Pass dal Güglia in Switzerland, a work dedicated to the current theme of slowing down time, whereby the concept started before Corona.

The bizarre natural architecture of this rock gate created by natural erosion is unto itself an unusual phenomenon, and now a giant clock is hanging in the frame of this gateway at the top of the world. As one approaches, the hands of this clock noticeably slow down, and when one reaches the formation, the second hand stops moving completely. When one then moves away from the structure and the second hand begins to move again, then, at the very latest, one clearly understands one’s personal ability to influence the motions of the clock (or perhaps the movement of time itself).

Access to the project from the Pass dal Güglia is quite easy — an 1,5 h hike, manageable for all art and nature lovers. This artwork is being produced in a period of pandemic, and all existing and necessary guidelines and safety precautions are being maintained. The installation is created in collaboration with the administration of the Canton of Graubünden and the communal government of the districts of Surses and Domleschg.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the project has the most minimal ecological footprint possible.In the days after 24 September the installation will be deinstalled without trace. The necessary components of the installation were carried up the mountain to the site in an artistically staged “caravan” including volunteers and staff. The project has been accompanied by photographers. Their film- and photo documentation can be provided for publishing.

It would be a pleasure to us, to find this temporary project UND ENDLICH reported in your medium or at its best to have you visiting us on site.

We would be happy to arrange an interview with the artists or a site visit and look forward to your questions. Photos for publishing are supplied on our website unless you prefer them being sent.

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