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UND ENDLICH. An Installation near Swiss pass Julier on the theme of time
A project by GÆG (Wolfgang Aichner und Thomas Huber), Curator: Sibylle Omlin

In the summer of 2021, GÆG realised an alpine art project near the Julier Pass in Switzerland on the current theme of slowing time. While the bizarre rock architecture of the rock gate created by natural erosion was itself an unusual phenomenon, a huge clock hung in the gateway to heaven – a truly surreal object in this landscape. Obviously, the hands slowed down the closer one got. When you reached the rock gate, even the second hand stopped moving. At the latest when you moved away again and the second hand started up again, it became clear that you as an individual had an influence on the clock object (or even on the real passage of time?).

The installation was built in cooperation with the authorities in the canton of Graubünden and in the municipality of Surses and Domleschg. Attention was paid to keeping the ecological footprint in the high alpine region as small as possible. The required individual parts of the installation were carried up the mountain to the rock gate in a staged “caravan” with volunteers and staff. The project was accompanied by photographers from the transport caravan until completion. The film and photo documentation can be made available for publication on request.